Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D.

Depth Psychotherapy Devoted To Emotional and Spiritual Healing

My holistic depth psychotherapy practice, based in Albuquerque New Mexico, is devoted to personal and relational healing and growth through therapeutic emotional understanding and dream work. We engage in depth psychotherapy for painful emotions, conflicted relationships, and troubling dreams. Deep-seated wounds can appear immovable, resulting in ongoing unhappiness and a feeling of being stuck and going nowhere in life. As a depth psychologist for over thirty years, I have been helping people work through and resolve emotional and relational problems so as to potentially achieve a more optimal life and lifestyle. We work together on an open-ended basis for as long as depth therapy is healing, helpful, and meaningful. Professional Associations: Depth Psychology Alliance, the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and the International Association for Jungian Studies.

The Dark Night of the Soul...

The passing of old relationships, situations, values can usher us into a sense of darkness within. Ancient mystic traditions have described this as the dark night of the soul. Depth therapy facilitates movement into darkness so as to discover meaning, a new sense of value, and, ultimately a transformed vision of soul.

When darkness descends we feel lost, overwhelmed, and utterly at wits' end. There seems to be no way out of the dilemma we face. To stay stuck, leaves us feeling meaningless. To let go is utterly frightening. Yet, soul, that inspired tugging within us, bids us to move on in life, to let go and grow.

A colleague wrote, "The dark night is often painful and frightening because it involves the death of that which was familiar and directly pertains to the transformation of personal awareness so as to prepare it for crossing the abyss separating it from its own true nature. Psychologically this is difficult because previously held patterns of belief and old definitions of self that once brought comfort are lost. This experience can be likened to hatching from an egg whose familiar walls of self-recognition are collapsed, leaving one's sense of reality to assume a completely different apperception. Once the limiting factors of fear dissipate, deeper currents of self-awareness awaken leading ultimately to the emergence of a newly forming vision. ..Remember the HeartCenter as many times a day as is necessary"-W.Brugh Joy, MD

The above is an excerpted piece from a larger offering called:
Archetype of the High Priestess

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