Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D.

Depth Psychotherapy Devoted To Emotional and Spiritual Healing

My holistic depth psychotherapy practice, based in Albuquerque New Mexico, is devoted to personal and relational healing and growth through therapeutic emotional understanding and dream work. We engage in depth psychotherapy for painful emotions, conflicted relationships, and troubling dreams. Deep-seated wounds can appear immovable, resulting in ongoing unhappiness and a feeling of being stuck and going nowhere in life. As a depth psychologist for over thirty years, I have been helping people work through and resolve emotional and relational problems so as to potentially achieve a more optimal life and lifestyle. We work together on an open-ended basis for as long as depth therapy is healing, helpful, and meaningful. Professional Associations: Depth Psychology Alliance, the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and the International Association for Jungian Studies.

Contentment, Soul, and the Depths of Nature...

First thing this afternoon, a person reported the following dream: "I was speaking to a lovely woman who appeared out of the forest. She walked out, stark naked. We sat on the ground, under the tall pines with sunlight streaming through the branches. During our conversation, which I didn't remember upon waking, I was moved to tears. We were intimate in our conversation and in our presence. I awoke utterly content.

CG Jung wrote, "The 'child' is born out of the womb of the unconscious, begotten out of the depths of human nature, or rather out of living Nature herself. It is a personification of vital forces quite outside the limited range of our conscious mind; of ways and possibilities of which our one-sided conscious mind knows nothing; a wholeness which embraces the very depths of Nature" (The Psychology of the Child Archetype 1940 CW 9i, 289).

From the depths of our nature and Nature herself, we witness the emergence of vital psychic forces. We settle into self during the day, and at night, we dream and settle into deep regions of soul. As we live, so we dream. We live grounded, feel deeply, set our intent to live in an authentic, energetic flow. Then, dreams open up more readily and Nature herself emerges out of the forest, the sea, the desert ~ the wondrous realms of the unconscious. 

What spoke to us during our processing of the dream is how it emerged from a day in which she felt particularly attuned to the unconscious, to self, to life. Dreams reflect where we are at and where we are going as well as where we have been. They don't lie, and when they speak of Nature herself, powerful dream images coming to the fore, then there is frequently a feeling of being utterly content and grateful.

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