Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D.

Depth Psychotherapy Devoted To Emotional and Spiritual Healing

My holistic depth psychotherapy practice, based in Albuquerque New Mexico, is devoted to personal and relational healing and growth through therapeutic emotional understanding and dream work. We engage in depth psychotherapy for painful emotions, conflicted relationships, and troubling dreams. Deep-seated wounds can appear immovable, resulting in ongoing unhappiness and a feeling of being stuck and going nowhere in life. As a depth psychologist for over thirty years, I have been helping people work through and resolve emotional and relational problems so as to potentially achieve a more optimal life and lifestyle. We work together on an open-ended basis for as long as depth therapy is healing, helpful, and meaningful. Professional Associations: Depth Psychology Alliance, the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and the International Association for Jungian Studies.

You Must Turn Back To The Simple Things...


February 10, 2015  /  Paul DeBlassie III

How we complicate life. We razzle and dazzle others and ourselves and try to make thing harder and more complicated. Fact is, that life can be remarkably straight forward. There is that which nourishes and that which diminishes and destroys. We cultivate  one and let go of the other.

Trick is to find out which is which. A sincere soul commented, "Before getting into depth therapy I dreamed I was walking along a busy avenue with a hyper amount of foot street traffic. This guy came out of nowhere and tripped me. I went blind. He held the salve that would cure me. But, I needed to find my way to him as he spoke to me, listen, and slowly reach out toward him so he could apply the ointment."

"Making my way to soul work in therapy was my salve. It opened my eyes. I was going too fast, my mind cluttered. There were things I needed to see and feel but couldn't because my life was cluttered. I slowed down, dreamed and healed. It was slow and that was good because things were complicated and fast before and that got me in trouble."

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